• Heartfelt

    In the wake of Berkeley's biggest victory in a decade, Yellowjackets coach Mark DeLuca opened up

  • Eagles are Golden

    After being edged for a league title, Del Oro wrestling doubled down on an SJS Masters title — and won.

  • Young & the Restless

    A roster loaded with talented underclassmen has Bear River chasing a sixth SJS title

  • Super 7

    Boasting 7 scholarship players, it's only fitting one of the state's best teams is at College Park


    Becoming a switch hitter is a difficult decision. Before you make the decision to become a switch hitter, you need to be able to answer some questions about yourself. If you're a natural right handed batter, are you willing to bat left handed potentially 90% of the time? Read more.

    Health, Training, and Fitness Experts Help to Take Your Game to The Next Level in Level UP! Tri Steps by Liz Elliott offers helpful tips for a successful season start! 

    Jam-Packed coverage of Sierra Smith's emotional reward and other highlights from the West Coast Jamboree, plus an MLK classic glance.

    INSIDERS Mark Carney & Alex Goff. Sacramento’s Jesuit HS seems firmly in place to lead Northern California’s single-school Boys Varsity rugby division, (Read MoreSportStars is NCYRA (Rugby NorCa) Official Voice. Coverage as Hard-Hitting as the Game Itself!

    Never before has Stanford recruited two swimmers from one team, among a world-wide pool (pun intended!) of elite athletes. Out of a total of three recruits we are told, Stanford chose two from hometown Santa Clara Aquamaids Synchronized Swim Team — Amanda Urke and Elle Billman. Discover why!

    Amazin' Mack: McClymonds' 32-0 mark still pinnacle of state's stellar 2007-08 season.

    NCS and SJS Football Championship Previews

    Always in Season. Always in Fashion. Find Your Sports Swag, Always Right Here!

    PUTT FOR DOUGH: Roddy Ranch Club Pro Scott Barrow gives the low down on long distance putt reads. Here's how to get stingy on your "putts per round" stats


    Are You Maximizing Your Child's Performance Potential?

    written by admin 02.20.15


    Train For Go

    written by admin 02.11.15

    Powered by Trucks : Anthony Trucks    Like everyone else this year I made it a point to kick up my physical training. 

    Commitment Crunch

    written by admin 02.09.15

    GET MENTAL : Erika Carlson     A growing trend in youth sports, especially female youth sports, is early commitment to college. In 2014

    BEHIND THE CLIPBOARD: Season of Confusion

    written by admin 01.16.15

    Why is soccer a winter sport? We were practicing in December when it rained all the time, and it was miserable. It’s been nice lately, but it could

    FIRST PITCH: The Guys Behind The Guys

    written by admin 01.16.15

       Just like that we’re already at our first awards season. And, in addition to naming our Fall SportStars Athletes of the Year in both th


    written by admin 12.18.14

       Coaches put a lot of stock in their seniors, but it’s not personal. They have good reasons.  Behind the Clipboad: Clay Kallam

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