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Swimmo, The Ultimate Swimmer’s Smartwatch, Helps You Monitor Your Swim and Set goals. Beat personal bests. Challenge your friends. Improve your strength & body.

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POWER HOUR: Gifts for Under $50

 It’s never too late for last-minute gifts. Dakota Watches are tough to beat for the sports enthuisast on your stocking-stuffer list.

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Happy Merry-Mas Holiday Season to one and all! We've been good this year - oh so good. If you're like Impulse, and we hope you are, you'll be expecting some good loot this year (even if that's not what the season is all about...but c'mon). And what more can you ask for that what Uncle Impulse brings to the party? Nothing. That's what. 

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Compiled by Mike Decicco, Impulse provides you with the latest and greatest in the market along with upcoming events.

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In it’s 24th year, the 2013 iteration of Bay Area KidFest included one of SportStars patented “SportsJams,” our idea of an All-Sports-Fast-Action-Fest. Dubbed for KidFest, the Field of Dreams, it all took place on 110,000 square feet of sports field, jam packed with fourteen sports represented and wall-to-wall activities.

Mt. Diablo High School hosted the Memorial Day weekend event which boasts 22,000 spectators. KidFest traditionally brings in younger audiences with attractions like Dora the Explorer, Wild About Monkeys live monkey circus, pony rides and the like. Show producers, Bay Area Festivals, Inc. invited SportStars to “help attract a somewhat older crowd, for instance teens!” And the experiment worked!

Powered by its sponsors, the first annual SportStars Field of Dreams was a home run. Click Title for Full Story. 

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